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Apr 62022

Russia’s War Threatens Foreign Patent Owners’ IP Rights

While the devastating humanitarian crisis resulting from Russia’s war on Ukraine continues to be front and center, grim economic consequences are also unfolding for some entities with respect to their Intellectual Property (IP). Russian [...]

Feb 172022

Tania Shapiro-Barr has joined VHPM!

VHPM is excited to announce that Dr. Tania Shapiro-Barr has joined our firm! Tania’s unique background as both an M.D. and a J.D. enriches VHPM’s strengths in Life Sciences, Chemistry, and Electrical Engineering and [...]

Jul 72017

VHP changes its name to VHPM

In recognition of the exceptional contributions our partner Peter Malen has made to the firm, and to affirm the significant ongoing role that he will have in the firm, we are including Peter’s name [...]

Jun 282017

Alex Andrus has joined VHPM as Senior Patent Counsel

Dr. Alex Andrus is now a Senior Patent Counsel at Viksnins Harris Padys Malen. Alex earned a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry from the University of California at Los Angeles and a Ph.D. [...]

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