Intellectual property assets are of vital importance to pharmaceutical/chemical companies and research universities. These assets protect marketed products as well as a company’s pipeline of development candidates and future products. With more companies and universities than ever before collaborating with other organizations to create and deliver innovative products  to the marketplace, the need to protect these assets has never been more critical. Our attorneys and patent agents have advanced science degrees and experience in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, as well as years of experience helping companies, universities and organizations secure patent protection. Our professionals draft patent applications that are often filed in well over 40 jurisdictions and together with our clients, develop and implement strategies to ensure the successful and smooth prosecution of these international portfolios. In addition, our lawyers and agents have completed numerous due diligence projects ensuring the best analysis is available when clients are considering the acquisition of intellectual property or entering into a partnership reliant on intellectual property.

Services we provide to our chemistry clients include:

  • Preparing, Filing and Prosecuting Patent Applications in the US and in Foreign Jurisdictions
  • Intellectual Property Strategy Development
  • Intellectual Property Analysis and Landscaping
  • Due Diligence to Facilitate Acquisitions, and Partnerships

Representative Chemical Areas Served:

  • Pharmaceutical (API)
  • API Physical Forms and Combinations
  • Industrial Chemical
  • Polymers
  • Coatings
  • Chemical Synthetic Processes
  • Nanomaterials
  • Catalysts
  • Agricultural
  • Nuclear Separation Sciences
  • Lubricants

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