Life Sciences

Life Sciences

Patent assets are vitally important to life science companies and research universities. These assets often protect products that are on the market as well as a company’s pipeline of future products. With new innovations continually being developed, cost pressures, a changing regulatory environment and additional risks, it is more important than ever for companies and universities large and small to protect their intellectual property.

The patent attorneys practicing in the life sciences at VHPM all have advanced degrees in fields such as biology, genetics, neuroscience, as well as years of experience helping companies and universities secure patent protection. Our professionals draft patent applications that are filed both in the United States as well as in many foreign jurisdictions. Working together with our clients, we develop and implement strategies to ensure the successful and smooth prosecution of these international portfolios. Our attorneys also conduct due diligence projects to ensure the best analysis is available when clients are involved, for example, in planning for future work, acquisitions or sales of technology, or when entering into partnerships reliant on intellectual property.

Services we provide to our Life Science clients include:

  • Prepare, file and prosecute patent applications in the US and in foreign jurisdictions
  • Develop comprehensive patent strategies
  • Prepare patent analysis and landscaping opinions, including freedom to operate, patentability and invalidity opinions
  • Conduct due diligence to facilitate acquisitions and partnerships
  • Assist in the intellectual property aspects of stock offerings

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